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Choices in Senior Living

About Us

Willow Care offers a consulting service FREE to families serving Eugene, Springfield, and outlying areas. We specialize in helping families navigate the difficult process of choosing a senior care community for themselves or their loved ones. We bring expertise, compassion and 25 years experience in the senior-care field to our clients.  


We will guide you through the process, ensuring that you understand all of your options and can make an informed decision. Let us help you with this journey. 

Let's connect.

When you book a consultation with Willow, Bridget or Holly, what can you expect? 


We will get a deeper understanding on current and future care-needs, the types of communities available, what you want & value in a community, financial and Medicaid considerations, family dynamics, and more. Based on this meeting we decide on the top two or three places to tour, that fit all of your needs.

Willow Cordain, Owner

"You both were wonderful to work with and made our search much easier than doing it on our own.  We will highly recommend you to people we know. All three places were fantastic!  It was hard to choose as there was lots of things we liked about all three of them.  Thank you once again.”

~From a sister who placed her sibling into Memory Care

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