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What to expect when working with us...


Let's chat on the phone to discuss your general situation and how I might be of service.  


Schedule an in-person consultation. This meeting is between 1-2 hours and can occur more than once (when/if additional family groups etc.). This is a FREE service. 


We discuss a wide variety of topics on care, types of communites, what your loved one wants & values, financial and Medicaid considerations, family dynamics, and much more. Based on this meeting we decide on the top two to three places to tour.


I schedule and attend the tours with you. Helping you know what to look for and questions to ask.  I am your advocate.


During the move, there can often be anxieties and questions. I am here to help hold your hand in the pre-admissions, moving day and understanding a community's processes once moved in. 


How is this service FREE? 

When I help a family move into a community, the community pays a referral fee. I place clients in all of the communities in our area. My assistance is directed by the client's best interest.

This free service works best if family DO NOT contact communities prior to working with me (otherwise, it can become a pro-bono situation). 

Are referral agents regulated by the state? 

Yes. To be an agent, the state of Oregon requires a background check and a registration process to be licensed. Per regulations, I will have you sign a Disclosure Form. This outlines how I work with clients.

I offer in-depth knowledge on dementia and best placements for all of the differing types of situations. 

I respond quickly in urgent cases where time is of the essence, with discharges from rehabs and hospitals. 

Areas of expertise and help in urgent situations!

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